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2 GET FUNDED was created to help people with their commercial real estate and commercial business funding needs without asking for upfront fees.  Our goal is to get your projects funded in a timely manner without the hassle.  We are not the direct lenders but work with different types of lenders from angel investors, venture investors, private lenders, banks and even a personal lender to get your deals funded.  In other words, one application equals to many types of lenders even some that I did not mention.

Our goal is to find you the most competitive rates that are available nationwide.   Our process is simple and straightforward with no confusion for the borrowers.  We can work with you in seeking funding for your business, fix and flip (property that you are trying to sell and not move into yourself), development, construction just ask and if it is commercial, we may be able to find the funding.  Here the reason we stated maybe able to fund,  some client will request $100 million for a project with no money to put with the funding and a overall credit score of 500.  Yes, it has been tried.

Yes,  we can fund some deals up to $100 million.  We want you to get your deals funded and we want to be the funding partner to get you the funds.  We are not charging any upfront fees because you pay after your deal is funded.  We do not have any hidden fees because your will have the opportunity to examine all documents before signing.  If you do have any questions just contact us.



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